Welcome to KeepMyMarbles.com - The only online vault that uses 256-bit encryption to protect your important documents and receipts.
KeepMyMarbles.com is your online vault that protects and stores your important documents and receipts online. Thanks to our advertisers, our service is free of charge for unlimited documents and receipts! All documents that are uploaded to KeepMyMarbles.com are encrypted for your protection. Your password to login is encrypted and every document or receipt you upload is encrypted. Only you can view the documents you upload.

Many sites boast about having SSL. SSL does not encrypt your documents. Most document and storage sites ( like shoeboxed.com ) store your documents and receipts on a hosted server. These servers like our severs have administrators. These administrators can connect to any server they desire, bypass your password and view any document you uploaded with a click of a mouse.

KeepMyMarbles.com is much, much safer. When you upload a document or receipt to KeepMyMarbles.com, we first encrypt your upload with a 256-bit encryption algorithm that converts your document, image, receipt, etc to be unreadable...by anyone except you! Now if an admin gets bored and wants to look around their servers and see your important documents, they are immediately stopped in their tracks. Your documents are so unreadable, that all they would see on their screen is a bunch of funny looking characters. Your uploads are completely safe now! KeepMyMarbles.com takes one more additional security step. We also encrypt your password! Your password in our database looks unreadable as well. So only you can login and only you can view your documents.

How safe is KeepMyMarbles.com?
Your document security is our first priority. KeepMyMarbles.com is the only document/receipt website that encrypts every document you upload, which makes every document unreadable to everyone else except you. See an example of what we mean by clicking here.

How do I upload my documents to KeepMyMarbles.com?
You can upload two types of documents. First, you can upload any image, photo, pdf, doc, or any file type you want to protect. Secondly, you can even copy and paste any data, from a word document or an email, etc, into KeepMyMarbles.com. We convert the text that you copied into file for you and that file is encrypted as well! Once your documents or images are converted from a paper document into a digital document, you are all set to upload to KeepMyMarbles.com. You can easily convert paper documents to digital documents by placing any document, receipt, image, etc into your scanner which will convert your paper document into a file. This file can be of any type, jpeg, tif, pdf, doc, etc. Some examples of important documents you will want to convert are birth certificates, passports, sensitive documents, etc.  Every document on KeepMyMarbles.com is encrypted. Most other storage receipt websites do not encrypt your documents or receipts. The unfortunate part is that your documents are the exactly the same files you uploaded! So any network administrator can view your documents, photos, etc. KeepMyMarbles.com goes above normal security. We encrypt every document with 256 bit encryption, the same algorithms that are used by the NSA, FBI, CIA. Set your mind at ease knowing only you can view your documents safely online, from any computer in the world! Sign up for free today!

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